#LeadYoung | The Story of Mirabelle Morah

Mirabelle Morah is currently a final year student of English and Literary Studies. Growing up, she saw the power of influential writers in Nigeria and how they could inspire citizens to take positive action and speak up for the people. Thus, in 2016 she began BlankPaperz.com, an online platform and community for young writers to share their voices and advocate for social change. Since its inception, 100+ young people from more than 12 countries have been published and featured on BlankPaperz, reaching over 75,000 views online. Through BlankPaperz she organizes different events and workshops for young writers.

Mirabelle was honoured by the U.S Department of State in 2017, with the SUSI Student Leader Scholarship Award, enabling her to study Social Entrepreneurship at California State University, Chico while the British Council sponsored her to the University of Gloustershire, UK to briefly be mentored in Journalism in 2018. Some of her other recognitions include being one of the thirty three 2018 Global Teen Leaders, a YALI Alumni, an Ashoka and Robert Bosch Changemaker and a British Council Study UK ambassador.

With the support and mentorship of individuals and changemakers such as Ben Kassoy, the Editor-in-Chief of DoSomething.org, one of the world's largest not-for-profits motivating over 5.5million youths to make positive social change, Mirabelle is looking support more African writers and encourage education in her society